Rosella Nicolini


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- M.À Garcia-López, R. Nicolini, J.L. Roig (2017): “Segregation and urban spatial structure in Barcelona: does history really matters ?” SSRN Discussion paper 2971993

- R.Nicolini - J.L. Roig Sabaté (2016) : "Gender and Culture: Do social norms matter? " SSRN Working paper 2793147

- R. Flores-Fillol, M.À Garcia-López, R. Nicolini (2013): “Organization of Land Surrounding Airports: The Case of the Aerotropolis” SSRN Working paper 2369467.

- A. Poggi - R. Nicolini (2013): "Labor Market Reform and Rent Sharing: A Quasi-Experiment Experience" SSRN Working paper 2351136

- I. Epifani - R.Nicolini (2013): "Population distribution over time: how spatial distance matters" SSRN Working paper 2337525

- L- Artige - R. Nicolini (2013): "The reputation effect: A case study of credit contracts in transition countries" SSRN Working paper 2336845

- L. Artige - R. Nicolini (2013): "Institutions and market creation: evidence from the experience of the transition countries" SSRN Working paper 2334130

- R. Nicolini - A. Gómez Tello (2013): "Immigration and productivity: a Spanish tale", SSRN Working paper n.2204300

- C. Nicodemo - R. Nicolini (2012): ´Random or Referral hiring: when connection matters`, SSRN Working paper n.1988972

- I. Epifani - R. Nicolini (2012): 'On the density distribution across space: a probabilistic approach' SSRN Working paper (updated version for Journal of Regional Science)

- X. Martinez Giralt - R.Nicolini (2012): 'Technological endowments in entrepreneurial partnerships', ( updated version for Computational and Mathematical Organization Theory)

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- F. Menoncin - R. Nicolini (2005): 'The optimal behaviour of firms facing stochastic costs',UFAE and IAE discussion paper

- J. Aznar - R. Nicolini (2004): 'El sector turístico en la Comunidad Valenciana: una análisis espacial', IVIE Discussion paper n.2005-18, (new version)

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- R. Nicolini (2000): 'On the determinants of Regional Trade flows', mimeo

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- R. Nicolini (2000): 'Local Agglomerations and Trade: an empirical investigation', IRES Discussion Paper n. 2000-18,

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- R. Nicolini (1998): 'Learning and Agglomeration in Industrial Networks', IRES Discussion Paper n.9828

- R. Nicolini (1997): 'Exportation and Foreign Direct Investment in Visegrad Area: an Empirical Analysis', IRES Discussion Paper n.9728



R.Nicolini (2014): ' Teamwork at University: The Importance of Foreign Students' SSRN Discussion paper

L. Artige - R.Nicolini (2005): 'Agrupació geogràfica d’empreses multinacionals a Catalunya'


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