Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Facultat d’Economia i Empresa
Master in Applied Research in Economics and Business

Geographical Economics


Academic Year: 2015-2016

Fall Term
Lectures: 16:30-19:30 (See Calendar)

Program of the course


Calendar: provisional schedule

  Date Topic
Part 1:
Instructor: Rosella Nicolini

January 07th 2016 Introduction: geography and economics
January 08th 2016 The core model of geographical economics
January 12th 2016 Geography, trade and mobility
January 15th 2016 The sources of spatial inequality
Part 2:
Instructor: José Luis Roig Sabaté

January 18th 2016

Theories of agglomeration

January 20th 2016 Theories of agglomeration
January 22th 2016 Clusters and local development
January 25th 2016 Regional growth and migration
January 29th 2016 FINAL EXAM
  February 05th 2016

Turn in individual essay


Teaching material:



Slides Class 1

Slides Class 2

Slides Class 3

Slides Class 4

Slides Class 5

Slides Class 6

Slides Class 7

Slides Class 8


Types of exam questions:

Questions referring to Part 1 (2014/2015) [Solutions]

Question referring to Part 2 (2014/2015) [Solutions]

Mixed examples (2013/2014) [Data for market potential][Solutions]


Other material:

List of references

O'Sullivan Location

Chapter 1 (McCann)

Combes et al. Chapt 10 (2010) (indexes)

Combes et al. Chapt 11 (2010) (mesurement of agglo. eco.)

O'Sullivan Chap. 3

Glaeser "Growth in Cities"

Combes et al (2005) "Agglomeration and the adjustment of the spatial economy"


Press corner...

- Economic convergence. The headwinds returns (from The Economist, 09/2014)



These grades include all the activities carried out during the course. Feel free to contact us by Wednesday February 10th 2016 for any question.


Last update: February 12th 2016