Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Facultat d’Economia i Empresa
Master in Applied Research in Economics and Business

Geographical Economics


Academic Year: 2013-2014 Fall Term
Monday: 16:30-19:30
Wednesday : 16:30-19:30

Calendar: provisional schedule

  Date Topic
Part 1:
Instructor: Rosella Nicolini

November 20th 2013 Introduction and basic tools
November 25th 2013 Basic tools
December 02nd 2013 Trade issues
(Turn in problem set #1)
December 04th 2013 Productivity and competitiveness
Part 2:
Instructor: José Luis Roig Sabaté

December 09th 2013

Theories and evidence of spatial agglomeration
(Turn in problem set #2)

December 11th 2013 Determinants of local development
December 16th 2013

Determinants of local development

December 18th 2013


WARNING !!! Turn in Assignment# 1 on Sunday, 22nd December 2013 by 12:00 pm SHARP by mail at: JosepLluis.Roig@uab.cat



  January 09th 2014

FINAL EXAM (Room 23 Facultat Economia i Empresa)

(Turn in second list of questions)


Teaching material


Programme of the course



Slides Class 1

Slides Class 2

Slides Class 3

Slides Class 4

Slides Class 5

Slides Class 6

Slides Class 7

Slides Class 8


NEW References topics part II (updated December 22nd 2013)



Problem sets

Problem set # 1 (turn in on December 02nd 2013) GRADES (updated Dec 3rd 2013)

Problem set # 2 (turn in on December 09th 2013)GRADES Market potential with solution (xls file) Solutions

Assigment # 1 (turn in on December 18th 2013) Art. Figueiredo, O., P. Guimaraes and D. Woodward (2002) JUE GRADES

Assigment # 2 (turn in on January 09th 2014) (refer to the material below) GRADES


Other material

Artige, L. and Nicolini, R. (2010)

Combes et al. (2010)

Chapter 1 (McCann)

Combes et al. Chapt 11 (2010)

Rosenthal S.S and Strange S. (2010)

Glaeser et al. (1992)

Chinitz (1961)

O'Sullivan Chap. 3


EXAM and FINAL Grades

Here you find the final grades of the course as well as the summary of the grades of the activities of the course including the exam.

Feel free to contact us for questions or clarifications.


Last update: January 15th 2014